Days 10-15

So I totally had myself convinced that I would have tons of down time on this roadtrip. I brought a bucket of books, devo's, and bible studies to do in all my free time. Hah! I was not prepared for the amount of work it would be to take all the little ones half way across thr country. I have loved the work, every single second of it, just sayin I thought I might even get bored.  NOT the case in Texas! So that's my sorry excuse for not blogging more. Sorry!

Back when we first started the planning of this trip, we decided we would let our older two have some input. We gave them some ideas of things we could explore along the way and they each got to pick out a few places on their own. Mackenzi picked Sea World! The girls spent hours watching the live feed of the animals in their tanks on the Sea World website before we left home. So when we finally pulled up to the real Sea World, you can imagine the look on Kenzi's face!! It was greater than I had imagined and the opportunities to teach our children were everywhere. I am so glad that she chose Sea World.

The last few days have been spent in Dallas with our friend Joe and his community group. They are amazing men that have been so helpful and kind. They even gave us a surprise date night! They made delicious homemade pizza then sent us to the Shane and Shane concert at Watermark. I was a little worried that they didn't know what they were getting themselves into as we walked out the door, but I felt a little peace knowing there were more guys than kids. Just a little peace :)

The concert was amazing, emotional, and powerful. One of their songs is about the story of the 3 men that were asked to walk into a fire for their faith (the same story I referenced last week). Everytime I hear that story I ask myself how far I'd be willing to go for God. Would I be bold? Would I do something that would go against what everyone else is doing? Even those in my christian circle? Would I be willing to take the narrow road? The answer better be yes. And to be certain that my answer will always be yes I must spend time getting to know my God and His promises. I'd be willing to do most anything for my closest girlfriends, and I'm guessing if God was in my inner circle along with the girls I'd be more confident in saying I'd do anything for him too.

Texas has been such a blessing for our family. We have been able to spend time with each other in ways that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Kenny and I have had moments at Watermark that will forever change our marriage. We have an action plan, and we have a faithful God! As our final days in Dallas are spent at the nature preserve and Watermark, we look forward to finishing the journey we started 2 weeks ago. Our next stop will be in Missouri where we will have an opportunity to meet with a special family that has touched my heart and caught my attention. We leave Dallas tomorrow knowing that we would be perfectly content living in Texas. There are a few job opportunities here that Kenny is pursuing, but no decision has been made yet. Just the decision that as a submissive wife, I am perfectly at peace with whatever the head of our household decides! I have come a long way :)

Part 1...they had no idea what was comin!

Part 2...OH NO!



The Alamo

Shane and Shane

Watermark Church

Our favorite place in Texas!

We passed 2000 miles!

Gattitown...wish we would have discovered this sooner!

Just too cute