Day 2

Today was mostly uneventful. And that was amazing! I can’t remember the last time I had a day as relaxing as this one. Our life is mostly chaos, 4 small kids can do that quickly. I didn’t realize until today that I had gotten used to the constant crazy.

We made our way to Kansas City and got out to enjoy the area. Kenny got a peek at the National Speedway track and started Mackenzi’s new mission to be a race car driver. My dad will love that. I told her she could go to the track with daddy or Target with me totally thinking I would win, but I didn’t. It wasn’t even close. What?? A man going in circles wearing funny clothes beats Target??

We found ourselves an outdoor outlet mall with about 100 restaurants. We did some walking/people watching and had a good laugh. We were definitely not in MN anymore. We got the kids wristbands at the T-Rex playland where they got to pan for gold, explore caves, and dig up fossils. Kenzi and Graham raced from one activity to another, Tori spent the whole time cleaning every speck of sand off the fossils in the sand pit, and Selah tried to figure out what the heck you do with sand besides eat it. It was so fun to watch all of my kids explore in their own ways. I’ve already learned more about them in these 2 days than I have in the past few months. I love this precious time with them!

We made it as far as Wichita and decided to call it a day around 11pm. I’ve never been to Wichita before. And I don’t think I will be back again. Totally out of my comfort zone! We kept getting back on the highway thinking the next exit would be a nicer area, but it never changed. I honestly prayed, asking God to help us find a safe place to stay for the night. Silly prayer, but I was desperate.

We eventually found a beautiful hotel called the Drury Hotel. And they gave us the key to our room…room 316. Amen to that!