Day 4

We made it! It was a huge sense of accomplishment to see the "Welcome to Texas" sign! We managed to arrive safely, under budget, with all of our children(that's not that easy when you have 4), and nearly no meltdowns. Hello Texas!

We stopped at an Outlet Mall just inside the border. Apparently outlet mall's are popluar here, there are at least 7 in the city of Dallas. The kids got out to play and stretch their legs which we have found is the key to long distance roadtrips. We tried to stop every 2-3 hours at a playground and that seemed to be just what they needed.

The outlet we had stopped at was mostly empty and pretty run down. As we were leaving, Kenzi announced "Mom, I don't think Texas is that great." Oh my child, Texas is much larger than this little outlet, I assure you!

We loaded into the car one last time before arriving at our friend's house not too far away. Tori fell asleep (they ALWAYS fall asleep right before you get to your destination, what's up with that??) and Selah was bored. Until she disovered Toria's hair lying dangerously within reach of her sticky little fingers. And that is why we found clumps of hair all over Selah's car seat when we got out.

We made it Texas. We followed your calling. Now what, God?
Eyes wide open...