Mackenzi's Hospital Visit

We are praying that today will be the last time our sweet girl has to go through medical testing!! She is scheduled for another follow-up MRI and CT of her spine today at Children's. We know she is always in good hands there, but it's never easy to watch her go under and wait in the waiting room for hours hoping everything went well. I hate feeling helpless!

Kenzi was a super star again today as they got her ready for sedation. The older she gets, the harder this process is becoming. She knows that the doctors will need to cause her some pain, but she doesn't understand why we let them hurt her. I really hope this is OVER!


Merry Christmas

We had a fabulous Christmas this year! We are usually stressed through the holiday trying to figure out how to fit all of the family celebrations in, so this year we gave up and decided to start a new tradition! We didn't get to see everybody, but we were able to enjoy our time with the family we could see. I know we are not the only ones to deal with this dilemna...what do YOU do???


Kenny the Chef

My husband is becoming quite the chef these days! I love to volunteer him to make food for my many organizations. The most recent request was a Christmas Layer Cake. We had made a rainbow version of this cake a few weeks earlier for Mops (which won "Treat of the Week")!


Kenzi's 4th Birthday!

Mackenzi celebrated her 4th Birthday today!!! We were so excited to wake her up this morning and tell her she was 4 now. She looked down at herself and got very sad, "But I can't be 4 yet, I'm still small". I think she was expecting to grow a few feet taller over night! After we had her convinced that WE thought she got bigger over night, she informed us that she wasn't actually 4 until her party started.

We had sprinkle donuts for breakfast and then let her open her presents, she was on top of the world! She spent the next few hours playing with her new Tinkerbell Leapster, we couldn't believe how well she picked up the games. It's amazing what kids can teach themselves! After a quick run to the airport and a much needed nap for the girls, the guests started to arrive. Mackenzi was so excited to see everyone and was quite entertaining all night. There were several dance recitals, Jesus songs, and of course, outfit changes!

We are so proud to have Mackenzi as our daughter, she is definitely a special one! We are excited to see what God has in store for her this year!


I'm done

It's official, I'm done. I made it 32 weeks and I have decided I am done being pregnant. I don't think that's how it works, but I just thought I'd share my opinion. I can't sleep because of the heartburn, I'm pretty sure he has broken all of my ribs, I can't drive my car without the steering wheel digging into my stomach, I can't release the emergency break because I can't reach it, I can't put on my socks and shoes, and the rest you don't want to know! So I'm done. All I want for Christmas is to NOT BE PREGNANT!!!! ( and to have a perfectly healthy baby boy of course!)I better go find Santa...


Baby Boy Names!

We are strugglin...what do we name this baby boy that keeps me up all night? We had such an easy time picking out the girls names, we weren't expecting this to be so hard. We have a poll on the right side of our blog, tell us what your vote is!


Christmas Cards

I am going through some intense nesting these days! We've had all our christmas presents wrapped under the tree for a week and even ordered our Christmas cards in November. I was feeling so proud until I looked closer at our lovely Christmas cards...I forgot to put our names on them. Nice work huh! So, Merry Christmas from the family sitting on the beach with 2 kids will have to suffice for this year. Ha!

HP Giveaway!

So MckMama is giving away an amazing computer. Check out her blog to see how you can win it!

Where do I start???

Ok fellow bloggers, where do I start? Our family has had so many adventures before the birth of our blog! I guess I'll just post about past events in my spare time...ha!

Visiting Trinity

I just got to visit the most precious little girl at Gillette's! Trinity was born with Spina Bifida and has already survived many surgeries. When I walked in, she was laying on her daddy's was such a sweet sight. I just love daddy-daughter moments like those! Trinity's mom, Miranda, is in my Mops group at church and has been an amazing inspiration to me through all of this. It was so nice to spend time with her today and get a glimpse into her life. Check out Trinity's blog


My first ever blog post!

After failing to keep up with all of the different sites our family has, I have finally decided to join the rest of the world and create our Family Blog! My goal is to post some of the crazy moments of our almost never dull life with 2 small children (soon to be 3!). I have no idea what I am doing or when I will find time to blog, but am feeling motivated to try, so here goes! Feel free to follow along...