Day 3

Today was a great day. A fantastic day. I loved today! We packed up early and went to a local museum in Wichita called “Old Cowtown.” One of the reasons we love homeschooling is that our kids can do more hands-on experiences like this one. Check it out  Old Cowtown Museum

We toured the town for hours, of course having to go into EVERY building. The kids got to check out the old schoolhouse, run through the rooms of 200 year old houses, see where they stored their animals, and probably Kenzi’s favorite, dance in the saloon. It was so wonderful to watch them soak in all the information as we read the plaques outside each building. It’s important to Kenny and I to teach our kids about how other people have lived, and even still live today. We want them to know a different way of life so that they can truly value theirs.

We knew it was time to hop back in the car when we found Graham takin a nap on the post office porch! We stopped in the store for a few Honey Sticks (remember those?!) and continued the drive South towards Oklahoma City. Once there, we went straight to the Oklahoma Memorial for another homeschool lesson!

The kids found the platform where you can leave chalk notes about the people who died in this terrible tragedy. Selah mostly ate the chalk, Graham mostly threw the chalk, but the girls left sweet messages about Jesus. And Mackenzi’s American Girl doll, Rebecca…I didn’t ask.

We found the chair that represented the little girl I learned about in school shortly after the bombing. Her name was Baylee, and I was given her name by my teacher to pray for. I don’t remember my teacher being a believer, nor did I go to a school that was very supportive of Christian faith. So strange to have this memory. But I remember thinking about Baylee often, and I never forgot her picture. The girls had a lot of questions about what had happened, and it was a priceless teachable moment.


Everyone was hungry, so we decided to stop for dinner somewhere with a playland. We are really trying to avoid McDonalds and Wendy’s on this trip, so when we found Chic Fil A, Kenny was thrilled. I, however, was not. I don’t like chicken. Did you know that Chic Fil A only serves chicken??? Seriously. I enjoyed an old granola bar I found smashed in the bottom of the diaper bag while the rest of the family ate their chicken.

Hotel Homeschool!

We found a cheap hotel (we quickly learned why) and settled in for the night. The girls worked on their homeschool lessons with dad while I sat down to read a book a friend had lent me before leaving. I had never heard of it, but she said I HAD to read it. And I totally trust her, she is a very dear Christian friend who keeps me accountable in so many ways. So I started reading, and didn’t stop til I had finished it. Yes, it was one of those books! The Cross and the Switchblade…about a man who felt God telling him to go to NYC, but he didn’t know why. Sound familiar?!?! Haha! Kenny and I laughed as I read some of the story to him. What an awesome motivator for this crazy trip of ours. The man who went to NYC was the man who started Teen Challenge. Ever heard of it? Quite amazing.

Thank you Lord for this day! It was exactly what I needed.