It's just Reflux!!!

Mr. Graham was our perfect baby the first few weeks of his life. Then something changed!! I assumed it was related to the Thrush medicine we were both on, but when the symptoms continued even after we were finished with our meds,I started to get worried. We feared it was colic so we called his pediatrician when we got home from Florida. She said that was most likely the case but to come in and have him cheked out to see if there was something else going on. We went in the next day and got wonderful's just Reflux!! We had ruled Reflux out because Mackenzi had that as a newborn and was constantly puking. We had to change her outfit after every feeding and no one ever wanted to burp her! When the milk came back up, it sometimes went as far as the other side of the room. It was crazy, but her reflux formula and strong meds helped. Graham almost never spits up so we never thought it was reflux. When I told our pediatrician this, she said that reflux is actually worse for babies like Graham because they can't get it out. Poor Graham has been screaming for the past few weeks because of the pain from the acid reflux. She also said that's why he eats so frequently (almost every hour) because it feels good while he is eating. We put him on his Reflux med last night and he is already a differnt baby!! We have our sweet baby back :) I will post the symptoms he had below in case you are wondering about your own child...

Changes started when he was around 3 ½ weeks old:

· No longer sleeping through the night, wakes up every 2 hours very fussy
· Only comfortable in the sling
· Won’t lay down, even when propped up
· Used to poop every feeding, now only every 4 days
· Arches his back constantly
· Extremely gassy
  Cries so hard he gags