Living in the present

This past month has been another season of pruning for our family! We continue to stand amazed by what God's plan is for our family and united we attempt to navigate through the obstacles He has placed before us.

We are working on patience as we wait for our housing situation to be clear. I like to plan and I do much better when I have specific dates for major this has been difficult for me! I wonder if we will be in our new home before my next blog post?!

Our sweet daughter T was diagnosed with special needs this week, and we work on seeking wisdom as we learn about her disorder and how this changes our life. We are blessed to have many people that care about her and want the best for her, but it can be confusing to hear differing opinions on her treatment. I was reminded by a dear friend that God made her EXACTLY the way He wanted her to be, and I am just going to focus on that for awhile!

We work on trust as we continue to go through this unexpected pregnancy. We had our 20 week ultrasound this week and saw the amazing heart beat of a baby that was created for a reason. I will be honest and say that I am still unsettled about this pregnancy, but there was a split second during the ultrasound where I finally felt some compassion for this crazy plan of His! It is officially a baby, boy or girl we don't know. Since this was not our plan, we decided to stay out of it...until baby arrives and then I really don't have a choice!

Today, I work on boldness and faith as I go to our first real homeschooling event! Mackenzi is beyond excited, I am feeling a little nervous. I know I am called to walk into this crazy journey with our kids, but it's never easy to do it alone. I am anxious to meet the people that I may spend the rest of my life sharing stories and ideas with, and hopeful that it will be the perfect place for the Nash kids!

Today, we also deal with sadness. 2 years ago today, we lost a baby boy we had named Tyler. He was a wonderful blessing in our life as we journeyed through Mackenzi's tumor diagnosis, and I still struggle with why we weren't allowed to keep him forever. Pregnant again with a child we didn't plan on makes it all that more confusing.

Tomorrow we will celebrate with joy because Graham turns ONE!!! He is the happiest, chubbiest, most curious little boy and I can't imagine loving a baby more! I am exhausted just watching him sleep, he truly is an active little guy. I am amazed at how different each gift from God is created, and grateful to be given a child like Graham! Pure Joy!

And in a few days, we will work on trust some more as Mackenzi goes into the hospital for her yearly CT and MRI. It has been 2 years since doctors removed a tumor from her spine, and we continue to pray for God to heal her body and keep the tumor away. We are a little nervous because of some symptoms she is experiencing, but it could be nothing! She is a very brave little girl!!

So for now the Nash's focus on living in the present and getting through each day. God is with us now and isn't worried about the past or future, so we work on growing the fruit of the spirit and put our trust in Him every morning! Lots of answered prayers in next months post...just don't know how they will be asnwered! Kind of exciting...