It's official! We are following the calling to homeschool our kids with Christian curriculum. I had convinced myself that we would just "try" homeschooling while Kenzi was in preschool, but that was clearly not His plan. The more I homeschool, the more I research, and the more moms I meet that homeschool, the more I know that we are following a difficult calling! Every time I have a doubt or meet someone who questions our choice God sends someone into my life that is already walking this challenged path. I can't stop smiling!  have met some of the most amazing kids that are homeschooled, and I am so looking forward to raising children with those same values. I know there will be days of struggle, hurtful comments, and long days with no breaks...but Kenny and I just can't find a good enough reason NOT to homeschool! I tried convincing myself that we could "fit in" the Christian education piece when the kids got home from "normal" school, but that's just ridiculous. As if my 30 minutes of parenting will compare to their 8 hours of school surrounded by unbelievers and "worldly thinkers"...and that's not including sports time! I have put together a SHORT list of reasons why the Nash kids will be any of them speak to you?!?!

• To stand up for Christ in a world that knows nothing about Him.

• To glorify God and build Godly character

• To teach the difference between academics, the “real” world, and our Christian duty

•To teach good stewardship

• So we can weave the biblical view into all subjects

• To be a strong Christian witness to my community by letting others know I take my faith seriously every day of the week, not just Sunday’s

• To tailor the lessons for each child, encourage kids to work in areas they have talent and help them to master areas they are weak in

• To build close relationships with people in our family

• So my kids are able to live and study in an environment free from drug/alcohol abuse, profanity, and other anti-social behavior.