So the other day I had a much needed "check-in" with God.  I am leading an amazing group of women through the Margaret Feinberg bible study, The Sacred Echo.  If you haven't read it, I encourage you to! She talks about listening for God's calling in your life through the echos and repetition you see and hear throughout the day. One of my echos has been this blog. I started it with great intentions, a place to post new family pics and share with friends and fmaily about the latest adventures of our crazy family. But it turned into a place of complete transparency as we dealt with a series of difficult circumstances. I found my fingers typing words that were not coming from my mind, but my soul. I would pour out my private thoughts for all the world (ok...maybe the 3 people that sometimes read this!) to read, and then wonder who on earth could have written such raw thoughts after hitting save.  After a while, and a period of intense testing by God, I allowed myself to get distracted from my blog and to put my words in other places. Well, I am writing today, completely convicted of a "Sacred Echo", and promising to return to this blog and share my faith with others. I don't always know what that means, but I trust that God will lay it out for me in the days to come.

So here I go again...