MOPS Convention Day 3

I don't know if there is anything better than starting the morning off with worship by Christy Nockels! I wish I could do this every morning. It's so refreshing to sing praise to our God, and prepare for the day ahead with a full heart. I have fallen in love with her music!

We had a fantastic general session focused on the art of being a mom. They did such an amazing job with the skits and topics this weekend, I was very impressed. After our general, we ran back to the room to make sandwiches (that we bought from the grocery store yesterday...that we walked to). After our 5 minute break, we ran back to go to our final breakout. I wish I had worn my heart rate monitor this weekend because we ran back and forth to our room about a hundred times!

My breakout was titled "First Generation Christians". The speaker told her story of how she was raised in a non-believer family and the terrible things that happened to her in her home. There were about 20 of us in the room, and many of us got to share our own story. Every single one of us had been through something very painful, but every single one of us came through it a believer! There was not a dry eye in the room by the time our session was over. I can say that I was very proud to be called a "Pioneer Parent" today. It has not been an easy road, and I have paid a very high price for my faith. But I did it for my kids, and so that we may walk in faith as a family.

After another run to our room for more snacks (we both vowed NOT to look at the scale when we got home!) we said goodbye to our MN roomie. Getting to know Kari was so much fun, we are so blessed to have spent these past few days with her. She took care of us so well!

We were waiting at the elevator and I turned to see who was walking was CHRISTY NOCKELS!!!! DO you know her? Do you love her music? Cause I do!!!! I almost fell over. THen I almost jumped on her. Then I almost kissed her...well not really. But I can't describe the smile on my face as we all got on the elevator together and had the mst amazing ride EVER. I think I said about 2 words, most likely not in English. I was so star-struck. We got to our floor and I announced that I wasn't getting off, but then I remembered it wasn't cool to be a stalker, so I did. And my  heart didn't stop racing for an hour!

Later we went to the final session of convention. We sang more worship songs with my new BFF (cause we rode an elevator together and it was a very special time for both of us!), found out we raised over $30,000, and learned about next year's convention plans. It was a very emotional session, filled with all kinds of encouragement and hope. I am so in love with MOPS!

Amy and I had a hard time deciding whether or not to go to Disney World- Magic Kingdom. The mommy guilt kicked in big time! We opted for Downtown Disney instead, and got in our very first Town Car! We had a lovely dinner at Rain Forest Cafe, did some shopping for the kids, and stopped for ice-cream at the Ghiardhelli store. (Amy made me). Then we took another Town Car back to our beautiful hotel (very strange driver by the way, right Amy?!?!). Amy and I stayed up until 3am talking about our Mops group and how amazing it is. Our leadership team is so strong and we are so grateful to have such a great support network. We have lots of fabulous ideas to continue to grow our program and can't wait to get home and share them with the others.

This weekend was much needed, and I go home a better mom!