MOPS Convention Day 2

Another amazing day surrounded by moms who love the Lord! We started off the day with worship songs by Mandisa and some gifted speakers. Then we broke into "positionals" to learn more about our personal role in MOPS this year. I met some wonderful girls from another state and we shared the triumphs and struggles we had experienced as DGL's. I worked on setting goals for myself so that I can be a better DGL to the moms this year. I really need to work on being more connected to the moms in my group and knowing their needs. I need to be more intentional in my relationship with them!

After a short break (to thaw out...the a/c was on freezing) we went to our first breakout. My topic was 10 ways to de-stress your life as a mom. AMAZING! My second breakout was How to keep the romance alive. AMAZING! I learned so much today that my brain is full. I can't wait to take all of the things I learned back to our MOPS group and share it with them. It's time to start changing our world...or at least our community!

We finished the evening with a concert by Go Fish. What a neat group of guys, I love their story! Amy and I decided to enjoy our night without kids to the fullest and went to the piano bar until 1am. We will probably regret that tomorrow morning, oh well!

Time to sleep and dream of my kids!