Lovin it

There were a few times during the pregnancy that Kenny and I would look at each other and say "I can't believe we're gonna have 3 kids, we're nuts!" Friends, family, and sometimes even strangers warned us in nice (and not so nice) ways that having 3 was going to be overwhelming. Well guess what, I'M LOVING IT!!! Being a mom of three sweet kids has been overwhelmingly AMAZING. I love getting up in the morning with my sweet guy wrapped in my arms (yes, he still sleeps through the night so that obviously helps!), I love watching the girls stare at him when he's sleeping and ask questions, I love watching Kenny talk to his son like he's already 10 years old, I love the constant multi-tasking that is required to survive the day, and I love how fulfilled I am when I crawl in bed at night. This transition has been one of the easiest I have had in my life, he just fits right into our family! I'm sure things will change once Graham gets a little older, but for now I am just lovin being a mom to 3 little ones. Today I was brave enough to attempt Target and swimming at Lifetime...and I did it!! I could totally adopt triplets :) Haha