Due Date!

Today was our due date. 2-10-2010. We have been looking forward to this day for so long! We lost another baby a few months before finding out about Graham, and it changed us forever. We had decided that we would wait to try again until Baby Tyler's due date had passed, but God had another plan! He surprised us with another pregnancy (does it qualify as a surprise if it happened because we were relying on a phone app for our bc??) just a few months after we lost Tyler. I took the pregnancy test while Kenny was at work and knew that I wanted to tell Kenny in a very special way. Have you seen the video?!?

Our OB allowed us to have an early ultrasound because we had recently had a miscarriage. He was worried about something he saw during the ultrasound and asked us to come back a week later for another one. Apparently there was some kind of bleed and it was connecting itself to the baby. We left that appointment in a daze...God wouldn't put us through the pain of losing a baby again, would He? We turned to prayer and waited. At our next appointment, we learned that the blood mass around the baby had grown larger and was now bigger than the baby itself. Our OB warned us that this usually meant the pregnancy would end in miscarriage because the blood mass would eventually surround the entire sac and prevent it from growing. The only chance this baby had was to be stronger than the mass and outgrow it. He sent us home with a picture and said to come back again in another week. Kenny and I looked at that picture every single day, praying the baby was fighting and would make it.

And here we are, at the due date, and we are holding our precious baby in our arms!!! He is truly our miracle baby and I can't wait to see what God has planned for this special boy.