Season of Change and a Faith Adventure!

I feel like I've posted that before. Huh. Seems like God is always working in our family using change...and lots of change! I better start at the beginning of this one...

Just before Thanksgiving my husband's flooring company went under and the entire team was laid off. We had been through this before, but the shock of the timing definitely through us off. We were hosting Thanksgiving for both families, how would we provide the food? Christmas and Kenzi's birthday were just around the corner, how was that going to look now? It took a few days for us to finally rest in the peace of God's plan and realize that we aren't meant to store up earthly treasures...there was going to be a big lesson learned for the Nash family! We learned over the next few weeks to trust like we never had before. Rent was due, the car needed gas, and our kids needed food. Through generous friends and an incredible church family, we were given everything we needed right when we needed it. We look back and laugh at how it all worked out, and praise God for not letting us see how really bad it was in the moment. I truly believe distractions were placed in our life to keep us busy and focused on others so that we wouldn't fall under the pressures of our own circumstances.

Out of this experience has grown an INCREDIBLE desire to join the mission field. We have been shown how little you really need to survive, and want more than anything to use this experience to take the next step towards a new lifestyle of simplicity. Which brings me to February, 2012.

We will be moving temporarily to a home in Wayzata until a sweet friend has her baby. Once that happens, a crazy plan will be set in motion! We have felt God calling us to new places, asking us to trust in Him like never before. For a while we were trying to figure out WHICH place was the right choice for our family. After weeks of praying, asking others for wise counsel, meeting with out pastor, and spending time in the Word, we have decided that sometimes God doesn't want to just TELL you...He wants to SHOW you! So we will be packing the car with the "simple things" and heading off on a Faith Adventure! We are going to go the places that have been laid on our heart and see what unfolds. It may be a conversation, an experience, an opportunity to bless someone in need, or a door to a new career for my husband. It is totally crazy, and we haven't gotten support from everyone that we have shared with, but we know that God has equipped us for this and we need to remain focused on that!

The verse our family has lived by through this crisis is Matthew 19:21-

Jesus said to him, "If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me."

Well, we have followed this verse word for word and it's time to FOLLOW...