Hi Blog...remember me?!

So I have this annoying habit some people like to call procrastination. I think that's just a pretty word for LAZY! I would like to blame my 2 month blogging hiatus on my newborn (and therefore LACK OF SLEEP), but that would be a lie. I think I actually have some kind of "completion anxiety". If I can't fully complete something I'm working on, I somehow decide it's not worth doing at all. Prime example...I hand wrote over 250 thank you notes after our wedding (why do only the wives have to do that by the way???) the week we got back from our honeymoon (that's a whole-nother blog post!!!). I had about 50 left...which of course I never got I decided it would be best just not to send ANY. That's right, completely pathetic. I have no excuses. I never sent our wedding thank you's. So, for anyone out there reading our blog that also went to our wedding and perhaps gave us a wedding present, THANK YOU from the bottom of my "completion anxiety" heart. So that's what I think has happened here again, I had another "completion anxiety" episode after I didn't blog for a week and decided it would be best just not to blog until I could sit down and blog every event of our crazy busy life that had happened. Well that was dumb! Of course, being a mom to 3 very small children (one is a newborn...remember, no sleep!) and deciding it would be a good idea to fill our calendar with at least 5 events each day, that great blogging day never came! Who woulda guessed??

So here I am, 2 months later. And I have SOOOO much to blog about!! My plan is to take this backlog one day at a time and blog about a few fun events we've had over the next few days. (Who am I kidding, this will probably take me longer than a few days)

By the way, blogging is WAY harder than it looks! But totally worth it :)