Spring "Christmas" Letter

I've decided this blog is in need of a family "Christmas" letter because of all the changes we have gone through in the past few months. Honest and real, here goes...


The biggest change in our life happened when Kenny got the news that he was being laid off. Kenny had worked for Shaw since the week before Mackenzi was born, over 4 years ago. Kenny is excited about working for another company and experiencing a new product in sales, but it is scary to think about how long that might take to find. We have an amazing God, and know that he is taking care of us. We can't wait to see what plans He has for us now!! For now, Kenny gets to stay home with us and we have loved every minute of it! I'm a little worried about readjusting once he does go back to work!

If anyone has a sales rep lead, please let us know!!!

I am LOVING being a stay-home mom! Now that the dance season is over, I have been able to focus all my time and energy on my kids. I have seen a change in both of the girls now that life has slowed down a little bit and I can give them my undivided attention again. We don't stay home very much, we usually have a few activities every day. I'm involved in MOPS at our church, both the girls have preschool, and Kenzi takes dance at The Summit Dance Shoppe. We've been going to Lifetime, the Zoo, parks, the mall, and lots of playdates. I wouldn't trade this for anything! I also get to lead a small group in our church's senior high ministry. The girls in my group are absolutely amazing and I always look forward to Wednesday nights with them. I get to go on the summer trip to Colorado with them this summer too, I can't wait!! God is everywhere in my life right now, which is the way it should be. Lovin' It!

Mack is just blowing us away lately with the things that she says! I don't know where she gets some of her lines, but they crack us up. She may not be a tough kid, but she seems very intelligent. Not in a school way... she doesn't know all of her letters, but in a people way...she can carry on a very adult conversation. She is our little entertainer and enjoys putting on dance shows and pretend conversations. Her favorite activity is playing waitress! We can't wait to ger her in an acting/theatre program once she's old enough. Kenzi has also been an amazing big sister. She is so protective of Graham and is always by his side the second he starts crying with his nuk and blanket. She's a very unique little girl, and we love spending time with her, even when she's in her "other" world!

Oh Tori...where do I start?! Let's just say that one of her favorite activities is licking things!! She prefers the bottom of her shoes, but the slide at Burger King works as well. Ha! She wants to do everything her big sis is doing and we've been very impressed with her ability to keep up. Her words multiply every single day and we love seeing her figure something new out. She is a daddy's girl right now and cries anytime he leaves. She calles him Mommy, which I think is hysterical, but Kenny does not! Not sure what the deal is with that, but we never really are when it comes to Tori. She is gonna be somethin special when she grows up, that's for sure!

Our sweet lil guy has kept us on our toes these past few weeks! He was a perfect angel his first 3 weeks of life, sleeping through the night and only crying when he needed to be fed. But something changed when he turned 3 weeks old, and life was tough for the first time since Graham had arrived. Poor Graham wasn't pooping, wanted to eat every other hour, wouldn't sleep more that 45 minutes at a time and was waking up 4-6 times throughout the night. When he was awake, he was almost always crying. I changed my diet and was careful about what I ate, but that didn't seem to make much of a difference. At first, the doc labeled it severe reflux and put him on a strong does of Zantac. After a few days, his previous symptoms returned. Then we tried a constipation med, which also seemed to help for a few days, but the symptoms returned yet again. So today we took him in for his 2 month appt, and we were hoping for another solution! I was surprised by what we discovered. Graham weighed in at only 10lbs 14oz, putting him in the 25%. His height was also in the 25%. Because he used to be in the 75%, the doc was concerned. She thinks the reason Graham is such a "colicky" baby is because he's hungry. She said that some babies, often boys, need more milk than their mommies can produce. She told us that we need to start giving him a bottle after I nurse him. We are going to try it for a few weeks and see if it helps, at this point, we are desperate and will try anything!!

So that's it, our family in a nut shell. Constantly changing but always believing! Looking forward to what's to come for us...a move, a new job, a new family member? Whatever it is, you'll hear about it on our blog!