The Wedding

We were married on July 31st, 2004.

Brit's Wedding Day memories:
Getting my hair and make-up done with the bridesmaids and looking at myself in the mirror with my veil on.
Stopping at JoAnn Fabrics on the way to the church to pick up a few things
Finding out my girlfriend told Kenny to open his "Groom Gift" without me, and missing his reaction to his fancy new massage chair.
Walking into my bridal suite at the church and seeing all the beautiful decorations my sister's friends had surprised me with!
Trying to eat chocolate without getting it on my dress.
Waiting for Kenny to come see me in my dress for the first time!
Opening my "Bride Gift" from Kenny...a cell phone. I was torn between going off to play with my new phone and getting married!
Taking my last deep breath as a single girl before walking down the aisle.
Seeing Kenny at the end of the aisle waiting for me!
Singing praise songs during the ceremony.
Lighting everyone's candles and hoping we didn't start the church on fire.
Saying my vows
Asking Kenny if we should run after we were finally announced husband and wife
Getting in the hot old car with no AC Kenny had rented for us...his only job!
Waiting for Kenny to finish puking from heat exhaustion before going into the reception.
Cutting the cake
Family speeches
Dancing forever

Kenny's Wedding Day memories: