Where it all began...

I was talking with a girlfriend about our senior prom and who I wanted to go with. She told me about a guy she knew on the basketball team that was very sweet and wasn't ashamed of his faith in God. She set us up on a blind date just weeks before prom, and we arranged to meet at a local bowling alley. I went with the girls and he showed up with the boys, 90 minutes late!!! We talked about our passions, experiences, and hopes for the future. We immediately recognized all of the things we shared and were in awe of the amazing connections. We were born 10 days apart, we had both recently become Christians in non-religious families, he played on the basketball team while I danced during half-time, and he had gone to the same elementary school as my mother over 100 miles away. I excused myself to go have a chat with the girls in the bathroom and started feeling things in my heart I had never felt before. The first words out of my mouth were "I don't want him as just a prom date, I want him as a boyfriend!"

We exchanged numbers later that evening after it had been apparent that we had found a unique friendship. Being a typical male, he waited a day to call, allowing me time to find the meaning behind all of the crazy feelings. When he called, my heart skipped a beat. What would we talk about, did he even like me? Well, we talked well into the morning, 4 hours to be exact! But what we discovered towards the end of our conversation brought us both closer to God and reaffirmed our beliefs in fate.

My mother had grown up in Rochester, MN, and we spent many weekends visiting her family. On one occasion, I went to a local basketball game with a girlfriend. One of the guys on the team caught my attention, and I found myself watching him intensely. My girlfriend took the liberty of getting his phone number out of the roster book for me. We were only 15, this was normal! When I got home, I wrote the name and number on my bedroom wall, quite positive I would never do anything about it. Well I was somewhat right, I didn't do anything about it, but God sure did!

That first night on the phone I told him of that basketball game, and he laughed at the coincidence of the names being the same. Just for humor, I asked him what his phone number was; of course it wasn't the same! I thought to myself, he must think I'm crazy for even asking! Then he asked me what the number was, and after I read it to him, there was a long silence. That was his old phone number, he had moved!

From that moment, I knew that he had been sent to me for a reason. We spent a week getting to know each other, though we both felt we had known each other for years. We decided to start dating exactly one week after we met, and seven years later, we are stronger than ever! Most people think we are crazy, how could we date right out of high school? All I can say is that when you find a love as strong as ours, you can't possibly let it go. Dreams really do come true!